For years Gareth and Jono had pints in pubs and cans at after parties and talked excitedly about one day opening a pub together. We had a lot of ideas – our love of beer was something we wanted to share with people, we believed in pubs as great centres of community, we loved the idea of creating living wage jobs and we admired the work so many breweries were doing in their communities. For the most part those ideas and that excitement faded quickly in the mornings – the daunting task of working out the details of starting a business seemed so much harder than the big ideas had seemed the night before. However, in 2018 with Jono graduated as a Master Brewer and having to look un-enthusiastically outside of Ireland for his next brewery job and with Gareth fresh from a few hospitality management jobs but finding himself unfortunately out of work, we decided it was the perfect time to look at those details and see if it could be done.

After knocking together a business plan we took to the road to see where we wanted this pub to be. The trip took us from Belfast to Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway then back home. We’d drunk a lot of delicious beer in a lot of great places but we’d fallen in love with the people and the pubs of Limerick City. It was decided then – we were moving to Limerick. We met up with Joel, an old friend and fellow beer lover, for pints in Belfast and he quickly jumped on board to become the third member of our founding crew. With that we moved to Limerick to start a new life and to find a location for our ideas.

Since then we discovered the Old Fire Station in the heart of the city, took the keys and got to work on everything that needed to be done to turn the space into a brewery, bar and comfortable community space for everyone in Limerick. It has not been an easy journey, we’ve learned just how much we didn’t know and have had our progress hampered by a global pandemic but we’re excited to soon be able to brew beer and open our doors to everyone.

We’re excited to share our love of fresh, local beer with you as well as to create a welcoming space for people to enjoy themselves with friends and make new ones. We’re proud to be a small independent business, a living wage employer, a sustainability focused business and a positive contributor to the community around us.