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Raspberry Berliner - Fruited Sour

  • 5.00 /⅔ Pint
4.2% ABV

The first of a new wave of Fruited Berliner Weiss we are releasing this summer. A heap of raspberry puree was added to give it a natural fruit character, with citrus notes, and a mild sourness.

General Sunniness - NZ Pale Ale

  • 6.00 /Pint
4.8% ABV

A bright, slightly hazy, pale ale with lashings of New Zealand hop additions. Big Passion Fruit aroma and flavour with notes of fresh red berries and a light white wine character.

Take Flight - DIPA

  • 5.50 /⅔ Pint
7.8% ABV

The most hops we've ever put in a beer and our strongest beer to date. Generous dry hop charges of Idaho 7 and Zappa give the DIPA a tropical fruit forward character with a light spice and white pepper finish.

Polly - Tropical IPA

  • 6.00 /Pint
5.8% ABV

A new expression of our popular IPA#2 tweaked and improved with everything we've learned here since first brewing it in September 2020. We've packed in even more fruity hop character while leaving it a little sweeter. We've also given it it's own name to celebrate. Enjoy your retirement IPA #2, you served us all well.

Peach, apricot, pineapple and mango combine with a gentle, pleasant bitterness to make this 5.8% tropical IPA dangerously drinkable.

IPA #9

  • 6.30 /Pint
5.8% ABV

The latest in our experimental IPA series. Made with generous hop additions of Zappa, Idaho 7, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria and Galaxy. Expect a well balanced aroma and flavour profile of citrus fruits, passion fruit, and tropical notes with a fresh herbal and peppery finish

Adelaide Amber - Amber Ale

  • 5.80 /Pint
4.4% ABV

Warming malt driven flavours of toffee, caramel, toast and a slight roastiness are complemented by classic citrus American hop character provided by Cascade hops.

Guest Taps

Lough Gill Shaka

  • 6.20 /Pint
3.8% ABV

Shaka is a Session IPA from Lough Gill Brewery in Sligo, brewed with Amarillo & Azacca. These hops add tropical aromas and an orange citrus flavor backed up with a mouthfeel that has been amped up with the addition of oats, and dextrin malts.

Curious Society Pilsner Lager

  • 5.50 /Pint
4.75% ABV

Super clean lager, light malt character, German hops, low bitterness (gluten free)

Treaty City Sarsfield Stout

  • 6.00 /Pint
4.2% ABV

Limerick's own nitro stout from our friends across the city. Yurt!

Hoppy Beers

Kinnegar Bucket and Spade Rye IPA

  • 6.00 /440ml Can
4.2% ABV

A fruity and fresh session rye IPA. Unfiltered and naturally carbonated, with a mellow ABV

Otterbank Middle Lane

  • 7.00 /440ml Can
4.4% ABV

American Pale Ale. Citrus and pine with some tropical aromas and flavours.

Wicklow Wolf Moonlight - 0.5% Hoppy Ale

  • 4.50 /330ml Can
0.5% ABV

Juicy hoppy pale ale without the alcohol and a clean citrus finish

Dead Centre Seeking Sunshine Pale Ale

  • 6.20 /440ml Can
5% ABV

Hazy golden yellow beer, with light zesty citrus notes of tangerine, and grapefruit

Curious Society Atlantic 353 - West Coast IPA

  • 5.60 /440ml Can
5.5% ABV

Citrusy, resinous and piney with a classic West Coast bitterness

Larkin's Revolver - Session IPA

  • 5.00 /330ml Can
4% ABV

Double dry hopped with Citra, Centennial, and Idaho 7, bursting with flavour and aroma at a sessionable ABV.

O Brother The Chancer Pale Ale

  • 6.50 /440ml Can
5.4% ABV

American style Pale Ale. Bright fresh orange, grapefruit, and tropical fruit notes

O Brother The Sinner IPA

  • 6.50 /440ml Can
6.2% ABV

Powerful hop forward IPA. Floral, citrus, spice, pine and tropical fruit notes. Sweet and biscuity malt balance.

Curious Society Bravo Zulu - East Coast IPA

  • 5.60 /440ml Can
5.5% ABV

Hazy East Coast IPA brewed with Citra and Mosaic. Peach, mango, nectarine aroma and flavour, with a restrained bitterness.

Kinnegar Crossroads American IPA

  • 6.80 /440ml Can
6.2% ABV

West Coast Style IPA Citrus and tropical fruit with some pine notes

Malty Beers

O Brother Nightcrawler Milk Stout

  • 6.50 /440ml Can
4.5% ABV

Milk chocolate, coffee, dark fruits, plums, figs, burnt toast, caramel

Lough Gill Spear

    13% ABV

    Winner of ICBI beer of the year. Limited Edition collab from Lough Gill Brewery and Boann Distillery. Whiskey barrel aged Imperial oatmeal stout. Rich velvety chocolate and a smooth finish

    Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

    • 6.00 /500ml Bottle
    5.4% ABV

    Classic German wheat beer from one of the world's oldest breweries. Banana and clove aroma, with balanced malt flavours.

    Rascals Big Smoke

    • 13.25 /440ml Can
    12% ABV

    Rich smokey Imperial Stout with a gentle warming bourbon taste, made in collaboration with The Dubliner Irish Whiskey

    Rascals Rude Girl Black IPA

    • 8.25 /440ml Can
    6% ABV

    A blend of dark roast and piney resinous notes. This beer's malty backbone is balanced with floral, spiced, and tropical notes.

    Curious Society Coco - Coconut Pastry Stout

    • 7.25 /440ml Can
    8% ABV

    Delicious coconut stout with heaps of chocolate flavour and aroma, and a smooth body and alcoholic warmth. Tastes like a bounty.

    Lough Gill Lunula

    • 9.50 /330ml Can
    13% ABV

    Limited Edition collab from Lough Gill Brewery and Boann Distillery. Whiskey barrel aged Imperial oatmeal stout. Heaps of chocolate and hazelnut flavour and aroma ahead of whiskey notes.

    Wicklow Wolf Locavore Winter 2021

    • 6.00 /440ml Can
    5.6% ABV

    Fresh Hop Dry Irish Stout.

    Dead Centre Six Decades English Bitter

    • 5.50 /440ml Can
    4.5% ABV

    Wet Hop English Bitter. Malt driven character with subtle hop bitterness. Easy drinking classic ale

    Lineman Astral Grains

    • 6.90 /440ml Can
    7.2% ABV

    One of our favourite stouts from our brief time open in 2020. Heaps of deep malt caramel, dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and dark red fruit notes

    Curious Society Night Tide - Cold Brew Coffee Stout

    • 5.50 /440ml Can
    5% ABV

    Brewed with 8 different malts of barley and oats, and cold brewed coffee, velvety chocolate and roasty coffee aroma and flavour.

    Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier Dunkel

    • 6.00 /500ml Bottle
    5.3% ABV

    A full bodied dark German wheat beer with notes of caramel and banana, and a refreshing malt sweetness

    Dead Centre Sham Maths American Amber Ale

    • 7.00 /440ml Can
    6.2% ABV

    Beautiful full bodied, deep copper ale with dark red fruit and citrus aroma and flavour

    Sours, Ciders & Specialties

    Petrus Red

    • 7.00 /330ml Can
    8.5% ABV

    Belgian Sour Ale aged on cherries. Bangin!

    Saison Dupont

    • 6.00 /330ml Bottle
    6.5% ABV

    The best Saison in the world. Earthy, spicy and fruity with delicate bready malt

    Land and Labour Hard Graf

    • 13.00 /330ml Bottle
    5.6% ABV

    Spontaneous fermented beer co-fermented with Armagh apple juice.

    Stonewell Apple and Passion Fruit

    • 6.00 /330ml Bottle
    5.5% ABV

    Limited edition tropical fruited cider from award winning Stonewell

    Oude Geuze Boon Black Label Edition no. 4

    • 22.00 /750ml Bottle
    7% ABV

    A blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old lambic, then bottle conditioned for a further 2 years. Soft sourness and hints of citrus, green apple, and strong carbonation.

    Blossom Gate Sparkling Mead

    • 5.50 /330ml Bottle
    3.8% ABV

    "Irish Champagne" from JJs Brewery in Kilmallock

    Stonewell Medium Dry

    • 7.00 /500ml Bottle
    5.5% ABV

    Sweet apple with notes of citrus and woody tones. Ireland's most popular craft cider

    Land and Labour Lustre

    • 17.00 /330ml Bottle
    5.8% ABV

    Foeder aged wild ale with apricots.

    Kinnegar Merrytiller Dry Hopped Saison

    • 7.00 /440ml Can
    5% ABV

    Sessionable farmhouse ale, dry hopped to add a new world dimension to a classic old world style

    Petrus Aged Pale Ale

    • 7.50 /330ml Bottle
    7.3% ABV

    Sour Belgian Ale that has won multiple awards in beer competitions worldwide. Aged 24 months in wood foeders (pronounced fooders - basically a really big barrel)

    On The Shelf

    Smirnoff Vodka

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    37.5% ABV

    Bacardi Rum

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    37.5% ABV

    Soft Drinks

    • 1.50 /330ml Can

    Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Fanta Lemon, Sprite

    Fevertree Range

    • 2.50 /200ml Bottle

    Premium Tonic, Light Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Soda Water

    Jameson Whiskey

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    40% ABV


    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    38% ABV

    Tequila Silver

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    38% ABV

    Tia Maria Cold Brew

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    20% ABV


    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    35% ABV

    Gordon's Gin

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    37.5% ABV

    Add a Schweppes mixer to any spirit

    • 1.00 /

    Hot Toddy

    • 6.50 /Hot Drink

    Whiskey or Port, with lemon, cloves, and honey or sugar to your taste!

    Tequila Gold

    • 5.50 /35.5ml
    38% ABV

    Fernet Branca

    • 6.00 /35.5ml
    39% ABV
    On The Fancy Shelf

    A few carefully selected premium Irish Independent spirits

    JJ Corry The Gael Whiskey

    • 10.00 /35.5ml
    46% ABV

    The award winning flagship blend from our neighbours in Clare. Fresh hay, floral blossoms, honeycomb, lemon sherbet, vanilla, dried spice, grapefruit and apple notes

    Shortcross Gin

    • 7.00 /35.5ml
    46% ABV

    The most awarded gin in Ireland. Floral, wild berry, and earthy notes. Long and smooth finish

    Teeling Small Batch Whiskey

    • 6.50 /35.5ml
    46% ABV

    Vanilla, oak, spice, and dried exotic fruit. Blend of grain and malt whiskey aged in ex bourbon barrels and married in rum casks

    JJ Corry Hanson Whiskey

    • 6.50 /35.5ml
    46% ABV

    Bright fruit forward blend, with oak, vanilla, and toasted notes. Light spice on the finish

    Mamma Mia

    Pizza fresh from William Street, added to your bill at Crew and delivered to your table Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 9pm Friday and Saturday 12pm to 10pm See their current menu here

    Pizza of the week - vegetarian €9.99


    Peanuts and pints, an iconic combination.

    Roger's Hot Nuts - Peanuts

    • 1.50 /50g bag

    50g packs of peanuts in three flavours distributed by an Irish mother/daughter business.

    Roasted and Salted.

    Hot and Spicy.

    Balsamic Vinegar.


    Our products contain allergens including gluten, wheat, barley, lactose, and possibly others throughout the year as we rotate our products. Please speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in the beer and possible allergens

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